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SA Police Department
SA Police Department
Alexandria, Egypt
Game name:
Billy_DeLuca, Nate_Hunt
Alt./Past names:
Ernesto Valentini - Ex-Enforcer (Barzini Crime Family) - Assassinated by Drake Andruis.
Marty Chandler - Ex-Trustee (The Peckerwoods) - Committed suicide
Alfred Beatrix - Ex-Firefighter (Los Santos Fire Department) - Died during performing his duties.
Vladimir Zhirkov/Corallov - Ex-Bugalter (Kemirovskaya Syndicate) - Performed the largest ever known scam operation and left the country.
Billy Lombardi - Ex-Associate (Cuneo Crime Family) - Vanished mysteriously, some says that he was spotted living on a luxurious yacht somewhere around the Pacific.
Francesco Lombardi - Ex-Caporegime of The Maranzano Crime Syndicate - Changed to an unknown identity after being tracked by the LEA's.
Billy Rigatoni/Archard LeDrian- Ex-Stracci Soldier - Vanished mysteriously.
Charles Shelby - Ex-Associate (Barzini) - Escaped the country for being targeted after taking role in a failed attempt of taking Barzini over.

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