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House System

December 13th, 2014, 3:53 pm

House System Documentation

Houses, one of the most important features of our server, basicly a house is important for every player; from storing materials to healing or just roleplaying in there, house might be usefull for materials/drugs storing, renting a room(spawning) or just roleplaying. the average price for normal house goes between 15,000,000 to 20,000,00 million, in addition, heal and armour system might cost you 15,000,000$. For every house owned, you have to pay a certain amount of taxes to the government each paytime.

  • /open - unlocks your house - everyone will be able to enter
  • /close - locks the house - noone will be able to come in but you.
  • /heal - If the house owner purchased the armour system in his house, you simply can use /heal in order to recover your HP and armour, /healing costs around 300$-500$, the cash goes to the house's till.
  • /myhouses - Displays all houses you currently own, also shows the location, till(the cash which is stored in the house) , interior level, alarms and the status of the house(locked/unlocked).
  • /rentroom - the rent room price is displayed on the house's icon - The price will be deducted each hour from your paytime.
  • /unrent - If you want to stop spwaning/renting in specific house, simply use /unrent. You will now spawn at the Unity Station(newbies spawn) or faction HQ.
  • /rentprice by using /rentprice you can set a price for your house rental.
  • /houselocker - You can store your materials/drugs in the houselocker - commands:
    /houselocker unlock - unlocks your house locker
    /houselocker lock - locks your house locker
    /houselocker [store/take] [materials] [amount(of materials)]
    /houselocker [store/take] [drugs type(eg:cannabis, extasy, heroin)] [amount(of drugs)]
  • /buyhouse - In order to purchase a house you need to have enough cash on your hand - stand on the house icon and write /buyhouse - congratulations!
  • /sellhouse - By using /sellhouse you can sell your house, simply stand on the house icon and write /sellhouse [price] - a second after you'll see the selling price at the house logo.
  • /unsellhouse - Makes the house nolonger buyable.
  • /house upgrade - simply increases your interior level, by typing /house upgrade a dialog will display with available interior and its price. you can find the interior levels & pictures here
  • /house garage - Enables a garage interior for your house. Contact a Senior Administrator or higher to set the position of your house garage incase you dont have one
  • /gopen - opens your garage
  • /gclose - closes your garage
  • /till [withdraw/deposit] - You can deposit money from your hand into your house, but you can also withdraw money from it. If you withdraw money from it, you will get a briefcase and have to go to the bank in order to receive your money. in order to deposit/withdraw the cash simply stand on the house icon and write the command.
  • /tenants - Displays every person currently renting a room at your house.
  • /evict [name/id] - Evicts(kicks) a certain person from your house. This person will nolonger rent a room at your house.
    /evictall - evicts all the people who rents in the house
  • /househelp - displays a list of varius house commands(most of them mentioned in this guide)
  • /houseinfo - Use this command inside your house, to see how many sellable guns and drugs are stored inside the house.
  • /house buyarmour By using this command you can purchase a armour system for your house, this system costs 15,000,000$.
  • /house alarm - increase your alarm level
  • /house dupekey [id] - Give a duplicated key to chosen player
  • /house takedupekey - Removes duplicated key
  • /hshout - Shout into the house at icon, the people inside will be able to hear you.

i might add sooner or later

Written by: <Vincz> on 13/12/2014

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