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Faction Gunstock system.

January 4th, 2015, 12:58 pm

Faction Gunstock Documentation


The gun stock is basically all sort of weaponry stored into your HQ (Location picked by the Faction Leader) The members of the faction have to do special runs with one special vehicle and a required amount of members in one vehicle they also have to pay an amount of money in order to start the run, if it fails you lose all the money you had put in and it cost (500,000) but if you do succeed the run and finish it you will be rewarded with (525,000). Every run you finish you gain 20+ faction guns for in your stock you also gain 30 faction points along with the run. In order to do the run perfectly you have to visit three locations in total one of these three is your HQ || You have to pay attention to FGUNS / FBULLETS If either one of them is below 20 you can't start a run you require both of them to be above 20+ If these are below twenty you can fill these with a different type of run which is explained in another thread. ||

  • /floadguns [Loads the burrito with guns]
  • /floadbullets [Loads the burrito with bullets]
  • /fillhqstock [Delivers the guns&bullets to the HQ & Finishes the run]
  • /fstockupgrade [Upgrades the amount of guns you can have in your faction stock]
  • /finfo [Check the amount of guns you have and the maximum amount your faction can have]

[+] You will require this vehicle to start the run.
[+] You will have to drive to the first location and write the floadguns command
[+] If you have been to the first location you then go to the second location and write the floadbullets command
[+] If you have finished that you drive back to your HQ and use the fillhqstock command
Written by: Buck on 04/01/2015

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