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Faction System

April 6th, 2015, 3:05 pm

Faction Documentation

Almost everyone's goal is to join a faction, because factions are one of the main resources for fun on IM-RP. Inside a faction you can build new friendships, do warehouse runs, conquer streets(turfs) and ofcourse RolePlay. Inside a faction are 4tiers;
  • T3 = Mostly for the newcomers, you do not get any special authority with it.
  • T2 = A tier where you can get up to max 3 special authoritys. (Differs from legal - illegal which authoritys.)
  • T1 = One of the higher ranks inside a faction, you have more authoritys and even a sniper to your disposal. (max 4 T1s for an Illegal faction and 8 T1s for a legal faction.)
  • T0 = The two leaders of the faction, one being the leader and the other the righthand; they got every faction command, and also a sniper to their disposal.(Max 2 T0s for an Illegal faction, max 4 T0s for a legal faction.)
When you want to start your own faction, you first got to create an unofficial faction. As an unofficial faction you're required to RolePlay and show that you're worth being an official faction.


For every faction member:
/f - Command to talk in your faction chat, OOC purpose.[/list]
/fon - Shows the current online faction members.
/foff - Shows the offline faction members.
/finfo - Shows information about the faction you're being a part of.
/fcars - Lists all faction vehicles.
/fguns guns - Sets a marker on your minimap where you can load guns.
/fguns bullets - Sets a marker on your minimap where you can load bullets.
/fguns info - Lists information about what the fguns are being used for.
/ftog - Disables the OOC faction chat for yourself.
/ftognames - Enables faction mates nametags.
/factions - Lists the faction, online members and the ammount of members in the faction.
/openhq - Opens the doors of your HQ.
/closehq - Closes the doors of your HQ.
/turf - Shows you the turf information and option to take it over.
/invite (ID) - Invites the selected player to the faction.(T2/T1/T0)
/(o)uninvite (ID) - Uninvites the selected player from the faction.(T2/T1/T0 -> offline uninvite.)
/fcar tow - Tows all faction vehicles.(T2/T1/T0)
/turftax - Sets the turf's tax. (T0)
/(o)setpayment - Sets a faction member's payment.(T0)
/fcar ua - Unlocks all faction vehicles.(T1/T0)
/settier (ID) (tier) - Sets the tier of the selected faction member.(T0)
/setrank (ID) (rank) - Sets the rank of the selected faction member.(T0)
/fstartrank - Sets the start rank for a new faction member.

[+] Fcar tow
[+] Fcar ua
[+] Faction chat
[+] Illegal T2 faction member authoritys
[+] Legal T2 faction member authoritys

Written by: Dempseyy on 03/04/2015.

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