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Script Update 7.1.3 [30/08/2019]

August 30th, 2019, 8:20 am

  • Purchasing a car bomb in war will remove your just spawned tag
  • Fixed purchasing car bobms at a too high altitude
  • Joining a casino table will force your name on
  • NOOSE is no longer hidden from killist and arrests displays
  • You can /pay casino dealers on duty now up to $50m at once
  • Mini mission perks are no longer given to players in war
  • The AFK checker will now activate only if you don’t move for over 10 minutes. Your AFK status will automatically get removed if you move far away from the place you went AFK at.
  • First aid kits now always restore 100% hp, but take slightly longer and may only be used once.
  • Some more paintball interiors have been added.
  • The new player tutorial has been updated to keep it up to date
  • Duplicate key owners of vehicles will be alarmed if being broken into
  • Business duplicate key owners will be alarmed if the business is being robbed
  • House duplicate key owners will be alarmed if the house is being robbed
  • Molotov crafting cost has been reduced to 20k materials

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