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Script Update 7.6 [14/12/2020]

December 14th, 2020, 1:52 pm

  • State Lottery: Players over level 40 are now excluded from “poor people”
  • Players that own more businesses than they have slots now pay $50,000/hour/biz tax on every excess business they own
  • Players that own more houses than they have slots now pay $20,000/hour/house tax on every excess house they own
  • Added functionality to count warring players play-time excluding time spent in interiors
  • When attempting to unimpound a vehicle, the impound date will be shown to the player
  • You can now sell your EUR balance to other players using /sell (to avoid scams)
  • Helper: Added !anc !dnc !nclist to Discord
  • Increased the size of special turfs
  • /floadguns will not work if the special turf is being taken over
  • Faction skins are no longer bound to ethnicity/gender; they can be used by any member
  • Added a /faction help command that displays all faction commands
  • FPoints earned from defending turfs are now in faction logs
  • Added a petrol station inside the LS & SF Airports
  • Fixed bug where business duplicate keys could not be created/modified
  • Fixed a random /heal spot near the car lot
  • Fixed barriers cannot be managed after server restart
  • Added a proper error message for /unblindfold
  • Fixed a bug which allowed warring participants to heal while they're in the same interior as their opponent

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