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Alright, Firstly let me tell about myself my name is pablo i born at 1995, I'm 26 years old from Los Angeles, USA. I was working as scientist I got enough IQ to be in special forces and that will help me a lot in here im sure, I work as lawyer too I know whats justice and Injustice and thats will be a good thing for Special Forces because SASF needs knowledge in Science Of Justice and i had a good life with my family and past army officers at Los Angeles, I decide that i should go to Los Santos to make it safe and because my dad got a house there so i can live with him.
When i was a army officer i was helping my old city [ Los Angeles ] from enemies and drug dealers,kidnappers, my dad was an old soldier he was at Battle of Los Angeles he made it safe from enemies, killed,worked hard to our country and we won the war, i continue my dad's work since he's jobless now because he stopped working with SASF from 10 years ago and he's 74 years old now