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Group System

December 13th, 2014, 4:16 pm

<feature name> Documentation

A group in italy mafia is very dynamic and simple, players use the group for several reasons such as: unoffical factions, highranked groups of factions, and simple chit-chats between friends. You have to pay a fee of $200,000 to create a group. every player can create his own group and invite whoever he wants.

  • /groupcreate - Creates a normal group, will be owned by the one who typed the cmd (warning; costs 200K)
  • /g - Sends a message to the group chat. This chat is OOC and can not be used for IC purposes.
  • /gleave - you can leave your specific group by using this command, every group member can use it.
  • /ginvite - By using this command you can invite players to your group
  • /guninvite - you may use this command if you want to kick one of your group members only, this commands refers to the leader only.
  • /gouninvite [fullname] - you can uninvite offine member by using this command
  • /gon - displays a list of your online group members.
  • /goff - displays a list of your offine group members
  • /gdelete - deletes the group (you won't be refudned)
  • /groupname - by using this command you can change your group name (costs 50K)
  • /groupleader - Changes the leader of the group. You must be the current group leader (costs50K).
  • /grouphelp - displays a list of usefull group commands(most of them are mentioned here)

Written by: Vincz on 13/12/2014

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