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Staff System

December 13th, 2014, 6:32 pm

Staff System Documentation

There are 3 types of Staff Members. Management (Owner, Head Admin, Lead Admin), Admins (Senior Admin, Basic Admin, Trial Admin) and Helpers.

Helpers are expected to guide new players, and assist the not-so-new players if they have a question or any other problem (eg: Being Bugged).
Admins are expected to enforce the server rules and help maintain the server running.
And Finally the management's duties are to improve the server by picking the aforementioned, but also Faction Leaders, reviewing suggestions, etecetera.

All Staff Members are also forum moderators (However Admins have different responsibilities). Any player can be selected to be part of the Staff Team, usually picked by the Management, but on ocasion when Helper Applications are open (There are no Admin Applications). You can check the current Admin and Helper roster at .

Both Admins & Helpers alike may be reported for breaking the rules at insertlink to forum report guide, however if you find an Admin/Helper abusing their powers, the method of reporting is detailed here.

Do not contact a Staff Member via /pm for Staff Related issues, and if by some reason you are banned, please Take a Screenshot!

  • /admins to find a list of the current admins & helpers online
  • /irc to get in contact with staff IG/make requests
  • /ask to ask a question
  • /report to report a player (Consult insert Link toReportGuide for more information)

[+] Ban Message
[+] Kick Message
[+] Admin Jail Message
Written by: Oak on 15/12/2014

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