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Businesses System

December 13th, 2014, 10:07 pm

Businesses system Documentation

Businesses are very important part of our community! Nowadays most of the players are using to be owners of some of the businesses we have and that helps them a lot to earn some cash and to build their characters in a good way. We do have different types of businesses here, like restaurants, bars, night clubs, advertisements towers, gas stations, vehicle and boats dealerships, general stores (24/7), hardwares, clothes stores, casinos and more. You must pay a fee in order to enter some of these businesses like night clubs and casinos, the maximal one is $15,000 and it's up to be set by the owner of the given businesses. Other businesses like 24/7, clothes stores and hardwares don't have any fee and feel free to enter any of them without paying anything. Every business type will earn you some fresh cash per hour if it's open even if no one enters it. You may advertise your business and call people to visit it and buy stuffs from it, so you may earn more money. In order get the money from your business, you must rent the van from the Police Department, then load the money and unload them at some ban using the commands (/loadmoney, /unloadmoney). Do your best, work hard and purchase a good business which is priority nowadays in our community!

  • /setfee
  • /bizstats [at entrance of the business]
  • /bizdupekey [id]
  • /takebizdupekey [id]
  • /ordercomps
  • /setprice [available in the gunshops]
  • /buybiz (In order to purchase a business which is for sale)
  • /sellbiz (In order to sell your business to someone)
  • /unsellbiz (In order to remove the sell price from your business)

Different businesses commands
  • /clothes [skin id] (You may check skin ID's in google)
  • /buy [24/7's/hardware stores)
  • /drink (You can use this command in the restaurants or bars)
  • In order to use the commands in the casino you must be a casino dealer first, you may submit an application in our section and get accepted.
  • You may also use the command /buy in order to purchase a fake license if you are apart of an illegal faction. The business is located near the Rodeo Bank.

[+] Clothes Store
[+] General Store
[+] Hardware
[+] Casino
[+] Restaurant
[+] Bar
[+] Nightclub
[+] Gas Station
[+] Vehicle Dealership
[+] Pay and Spray
[+] Tunning shop

Written by: Tom Rockefeller [T-Rock] on 13/12/2014

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