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Stav Cuneo
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Faction warehouse system

December 13th, 2014, 10:15 pm

Faction Warehouse Documentation

The warehouse in Italy Mafia is the illegal way to make guns, Its main purpose is to produce guns made out of materials, In order to form these materials you are required to make two types of runs, Metal at the quarry in Las Venturas and Lead at the big ship in San Fierro; 1 Lead and Metal combined in a warehouse form 1 material. It is important to mention that anyone can make these runs,however only a tier 0,1 or 2 with warehouse authority can unlock the warehouse and store the Lead or Metal.

In order to make a Metal or Lead run,you are required to follow the following steps:
1) Get a truck and a trailer(The "trucker" job trailers and trucks are not useable for these runs)
2) Reach either Quarry or Ship
3) Fill the trailer by pressing "Y" to grab a box from the source and "Y" again to store it into the trailer
4) Reach the warehouse, Tell the faction member to unlock the warehouse and fill it by using "N" to take boxes of the trailer and 'Y" to store it into the warehouse

  • /whopen(T2-0)
  • /whclose(T2-0)
    *Y - To take metal/lead from quarry/ship and to store it into a trailer or a warehouse
    *N - To remove a box from the trailer

[+] Get a truck and a trailer
[+] Take a box of Lead or Metal
[+] Store the box into the trailer
[+] Reach the warehouse and store it
Note: Make sure T1 or T2 with warehouse authority is present during the run and willing to unlock it for you
Written by: Stav on 14/12/2014

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Re: Faction warehouse system

April 9th, 2016, 4:31 pm

Warehouse change explained

Warehouses now have a till with money. This money cannot be robbed. Warehouses always need to have money in them in order to produce materials.

There is now a (cheap) base production fee, which depends on the warehouse level:
- Level 1 = $17280 per day
- Level 2 = $17280 per day
- Level 3 = $34560 per day
- Level 4 = $34560 per day
- Level 5 = $51840 per day
- Level 6 = $51840 per day

If your warehouse does not have enough money in the till, production will stop.
Money is taken in a 5-second tact, if you don't have enough lead/metal, you will not pay anything either way.

Warehouse security has been slightly changed; money is now taken from the warehouse till rather than from the faction bank.
Make sure you always have enough money in your warehouse till; remember that nobody can rob it, so it is safe to stock any amount there. Only tier 0 members can withdraw money from it.

Warehouse Security Level 1
- 3 guards
- Easy to hack
- Price of $100k per robbery
- Owner faction alerted after 3 minutes

Warehouse Security Level 2
- 10 guards
- Takes a while to hack
- Price of $200k per robbery
- Owner faction alerted after 2 minutes

Warehouse Security Level 3
- 20 guards
- Hard to hack
- Price of $400k per robbery
- Owner faction alerted after 1 minute

If your warehouse is being robbed but does not have enough money to cover the security level, security level 1 is being used temporarily, just for this robbery.

You will see the current amount of money in the till using /wh
Only tier 0, tier 1 and members with the warehouse authority can see the amount of money stored in it.

/whdeposit <amount>
Tier 0, tier 1 and members with the warehouse authority can deposit money into the warehouse till.
Money will be taken from hand or from your bank account, if enough available.

/whwithdraw <amount>
Tier 0 members can withdraw money from the warehouse.

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