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Legal Factions Power Distribution

April 13th, 2016, 10:04 pm


Government Power Distribution & Tasks

The Government Faction, also known as The Mayor's Office of Greater Los Santos, is a faction based around a city administration, albeit with greater powers than in real life.
The Government, from here on mentioned as GOV, is tasked with administering funds to local authorities in order for them to pay salaries and purchase new vehicles. This includes the San Andreas Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (if added), Los Santos Fire Department (if added) and other legal organizations that fall under the administration of a government. San Andreas Special Forces is not directly funded by the government as it is a part of the United States Army.

GOV is expected to administer its' funds carefully as to not overpay and thus restrict the interaction between themselves and other legal factions, as well as to make sure the legal factions rely on the government's money. Therefore it is expected for government representatives to work out a payment schedule with the current leaders of the factions in question.

The faction may also investigate or sanction an individual in charge of a government administered organization if he is found either corrupt or in another way abusing or ignoring his responsibility as an organization leader in character. Out of character violations will be handled by the current head of legal factions or a senior administrator appointed as part of the legal faction management. Should GOV wish to remove or sanction a legal faction leader they MUST consult the head of legal factions prior to continuing in character. This is RARE.

In addition to funding, GOV must also manage taxes and is encouraged to 'play around' with various tax percentages to create interaction and force reactions from other players. GOV is also allowed, under certain circumstances, to be corrupt/biased towards themselves or their friends when it comes to taxation. This means that they may not raise the tax on rivals' or enemies' businesses, houses, vehicles etcetera but they may lower the taxes for friends and associates.
The current taxation of properties must be published in a document that all players have access to, for example a forum thread in the public government section that lists current taxes and fees on properties, cars and other possessions.

GOV may also create and alter currently existing penal codes and/or amendments to the constitution. This includes legalising or forbidding substances, firearms, vehicles as well as creating or lifting areas with restricted access. They may also instate a court system and sanction legal factions under their administration should it become necessary; this includes cutting pay or limiting the use of certain actions or vehicles by law enforcement officers.

Should the government deem it suitable they may also set up an external warrant request system that legal factions must go through in order to receive permission to raid locations within greater Los Santos (Red/Flint County). Warrants must however still be approved by the head of legal factions if it involves the search and closure of several properties for longer than 5 days. If the requester believes a warrant was denied without a proper reason, he may appeal it to the head of legal factions or another senior administrator appointed as part of the legal faction management.

It is also encouraged that the government sets up a council consisting of high-profile individuals on the server, who meets once in a while to discuss the current state of the city and its' administration as well as possible legal matters or new laws that the government wants to instate.

As previously mentioned GOV may also shut down locales for roleplay purposes, or to create a new public location or public events, e.g. create public housing or a gymnasium.
GOV must however make sure creating a permanent public location doesn't conflict with other players properties within the area; e.g. GOV must not create public housing in a building that is already owned by another player unless the player in question agrees to it. This is due to the current economy on Italy Mafia and not because we want to limit roleplay or the power of GOV.

San Andreas Police Department Power Distribution & Tasks

The San Andreas Police Department, SAPD, is a faction based upon a local law enforcement agency but has been given jurisdiction to operate all over the state of San Andreas; albeit the main area of operation for SAPD is Greater Los Santos.
SAPD is tasked with regular law enforcement routines such as speeding, reckless driving, robberies, violence and investigation of murders or organizations.
The faction also have access to heavier equipment and a SWAT division that is meant to tackle high-risk situations by applying brute force or using one of the special vehicles at its' disposal.

As an organization SAPD is required to handle regular police tasks. It is not a para-military organization nor is it a stabilization force. It's a police organization with regular duties and responsibilities. Therefore it is expected to act like that. It must focus on policing and roleplaying a police organization. They're meant to set an example to other players.
Despite having access to heavy equipment and an armed helicopter SAPD should not patrol with this equipment all the time nor should they respond to regular traffic stops or low-risk scenes with armored cars, SWAT personnel or attack helicopters. The armed helicopter may however be used to stop fleeing vehicles if that is the easiest way to do so.

Administration wise San Andreas Police Department is headed by a Chief of Police and his/her Assistant/Deputy Chief. This is the highest permitted rank of SAPD and can not be changed.
Any rank below assistant or deputy chief can freely be changed by the faction leader, however it is expected to follow a logical set of ranks and is expected to follow the structure of its' counterpart Los Angeles Police Department. This includes the use of badge numbers which must be used. A format as well as a list is set up by the Head of Legal Factions.

SAPD is also permitted and expected to operate a detective unit (name may be chosen by the chief) which is tasked with investigating other factions or individual players with the goal of inflicting long-term damage on the investigated faction or person. This includes the ability to confiscate vehicles for up to a month, raid properties with the goal of confiscating illegal contraband (drugs/materials) as well as lock down properties owned by the person(s) investigated.
All cases must however be presented to the head of legal factions or a senior administrator appointed as part of the legal faction management before the raid(s) may be initiated. If an active government is elected and if the government has the capability/position such as a district attorney they MUST also read the case prior to it being initiated.

SAPD is required and ordered to follow the penal code and any amendment that the government instates or lifts. Therefore it is also being advised that the chief of police keeps in touch with the government whenever a new law is being discussed.
Faction wipes and character kills can only be permitted by the server owner, faction leader or person being targeted for a wipe/character kill.
Server Management must agree as well.

San Andreas Special Forces Power Distribution & Tasks

The San Andreas Special Forces, SASF, is a faction set up around a military structure and military command.
Its' function on the server is to support and aid other law enforcement authorities on the server and is therefore not under the server's government control - it can however be requested to stop certain actions or completely be asked to stand down by the Mayor's Office of Greater Los Santos. This doesn't mean SASF is required to abide by the mayor's request, but it is strongly advised that they do.

SASF will not, as was the case previously, remove or overrule other legal factions in any way. SASF is a military organization deployed in the state as a peacekeeping and peacemaking force and thus will utilize heavy vehicles to reach this goal. Any issues with other legal factions will be discussed with the government or the leadership of the legal faction that may cause a problem.
Only the server owner or head of legal factions can permit SASF to overrule a faction or the government, but this will rarely - if ever - be the case as it has been tried several times with only one successful attempt.

SASF is instructed to respond to emergencies or high risk situations such as armed robberies, protests or to perform stop and go checkpoints in an attempt to locate and arrest wanted fugitives. It may also perform sting operations on high risk suspects, however this will mostly be done upon request from SWAT/SAPD. SASF will, in the absence of a police department, take over most tasks normally ascribed to the SAPD.

Los Santos Fire Department Power Distribution & Tasks

Not an active/added faction.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Power Distribution & Tasks

Not an active/added faction.

San Andreas Network News Power Distribution & Tasks

Not an active/added faction.

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