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Gundealing System

January 4th, 2015, 10:52 am

Gundealing Documentation


In order to get a weapon in Italy Mafia, There are different ways to do so, But the most common ones are making advertisements that you are looking for 'Cooking' materials or 'Building' materials, the dealers should understand your advertisement and call you and organize a deal.

The dealers are mostly faction members, Who gets materials from their warehouse and then sell it to you.
Remember NOT to make an obvious advertisement, so cops won't be after you ;)


  • /Sellgun id weapon
    • Makes you use the materials you got to sell multiple guns, to yourself and others. (Check image to know how much materials each weapon needs)
  • /houselocker store/take materials
    • You can use this command at any house with OPENED locker in order to store materials inside it, If it is your house you can /lock and /unlock it.
  • /give id materials amount
    • You can use this command to give someone materials (and other stuff) in hand.
  • /carput materials amount
    • You use this command to put materials inside your car
  • /cartake materials amount
    • You use this command to take materials from your car

[+] Available Weapons

Written by: Mohsen on 4/1/2015

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